State House Protest

During the public unveiling of outgoing Governor Deval Patrick's official portrait a few dozen Black Lives Matter protesters demonstrated outside. Organized by the same group of high school students featured in previous posts, they were joined by a few other local activists.


Protesters in front of the General Hooker entrance to the State House

During the event the students marched down to Tremont Street and blocked traffic while holding signs for a few minutes before heading back up to the State House. Despite heavy police presence atop the hill, it took at least ten minutes for a police car to come to disperse the group and allow cars to pass. 

Protesters in a line blocking traffic on Tremont St.

One of the protesters escorted out of the State House event

Another group made it into the event and briefly disrupted the Governor's speech before being escorted out by State Troopers. The Boston Globe had an article about it today (Protesters interrupt Patrick speech at celebration).